August 8, 2008

Just a few months ago I was planning a wedding, mine and Michael's wedding, to take place one year from this day. It's amazing how things change so fast, so quickly, how life can take you for twists and turns. Good thing I'm holding on tight on this rollercoaster ride. No matter how well in advanced Michael and I had planned - we couldn't have avoided this. You know, life can be short, in retrospect I wish Michael and I had done the quick wedding in Las Vegas :) but at the same time, it's not what we had wanted. We wanted a big family gathering with everyone we knew. We wanted to do it big and we wanted it to be a huge celebration of us and the life we would have together. So while I wish we had gotten the chance to be married, I don't regret setting the date for August 8, 2009 instead.

I love him, he loved me, that's all that really matters - celebrate what we had not what we didn't get to experience. Life is short, do what makes you happy and live. After all, I learned that from Michael. He wasn't a big kid (well he was), he just enjoyed life - every part of it. Always happy, always laughing, always smiling. He did what made him happy and not what pleased everyone else.

That's what I'm going to do. Thanks dear.

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