Officially Moving out of New York

So here we go, I am officially moving out of New York. The dates are set, the plans have been made and I'm getting ready to go. I'm basically packing lots of boxes (moving companies cost too much) and shipping them off to my friend in Lafayette, Louisiana. I know many of you are shocked (my family) a few of you were hoping I'd change my mind (my friends) and some of you are happy that I'm doing something to make me happy. I hope you all eventually end up in that last category. While I've normally been the one to not make such quick decisions (I assure you lots of thinking went into this), I feel that I need to do what makes me happy and moving, at the moment makes me happy. If it doesn't work out and I come back to New York or end up in another state, so be it. I'm not going to stress about it, life is short, be happy. I'll miss New York but it's time to move on so that I can get on with life the way Michael would want me to.

I'm not really going to give you guys much detail except that I have given my job a 1-month notice as of last Friday the 15th. My last physical day of work is Sept. 10, 2008. My friend, Kristopher, is flying in on Fri., Sept. 12 and we are driving my car down to Lafayette starting when the sun rises on Sat., Sept. 13 and hopefully ending in Lafayette by Sun.

No, I currently do not have a job lined up but I am looking to do plenty of freelance work and I have started my job search in Louisiana. I like how things are nice and laid back down there; people are so friendly! (Kelly says I'm not truly mean enough to be a New Yorker anyway.) Also another plus, is the lack of snow, though I'm trading that in for plenty of rain but I think I prefer rain to snow anyhow.

There were a few factors to moving, the people - of course I'm going where I have more friends and know people, not totally going out on my own here. Also mom and dad will be just 3.5 hours or so away in Las Vegas so weekend vacations to Vegas are probably more likely than from New York. Laura is moving to CT - she's in the middle of finding a place now and Christopher, I believe, you would have to confirm with him, is probably going to stay in PA after graduation. So rather than stay in the big Massapequa house where I was going to live with Michael, I am moving. There are some other, more personal reasons, motivations and stresses for leaving as well but I'll keep those to myself.

I'll be back for some holidays - Christmas, Chinese New Year and Grandpa's Birthday so far...

Kelly and I are planning a night during my last week here as a goodbye get together so I'll keep you all informed of that as well. As always, feel free to come visit, just think of it as another vacation spot (Kelly is already contemplating Mardi Gras LOL). Oh and did I mention all the yummy food?

Once I am settled in, I will update my Facebook profile with my new address (for those of you who are in the "Contact Info OK" friend group) and also send an email.

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