Birth Verse and a Puppy

So I was overjoyed when I received the Calvary Church Newsletter in the mail today. Call it a coincidence but today I also received a "thank you for worshiping with us" letter from Faith Lutheran Church here in Lafayette today... I think I like them.

Anyway, on the last page of the church newsletter there was this website called Birth Verse where you could go see the verse associated with your birthday. I felt mine was pretty appropriate for the life I live, so I wanted to share it with you all:

Ephesians 5:2 NIV
and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and
gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

You can check out your verse at www.birthverse.com.

On another note, I got a puppy!! It's a male, maltese, he was born on July 24, 2008 so he's about two months old. I haven't named him yet but I know we are going to be good buddies because he's quite attached to me and I to him. He's a little mischievous and has bundles of energy. He loves to run across the linoleum in the kitchen and and then into the office where I have a chair mat down on the carpet. Every time he runs from the kitchen toward the office, he sliiiides on the chair mat, it's very cute and very entertaining.

So why a maltese, because they are supposedly hypo-allergenic. Although, from what I read, there is no true hypo-allergenic dog - it just means they have way less dander than other dogs. So I should be able to tolerate his dead skin flakes better than most dogs and he doesn't shed as much as well. He also keeps my lap fairly warm and is great company so far. I have to look at his traits a little bit more so I can figure out an appropriate name. If you have Facebook, you can check out pictures of him there, but I'll post some here for you too. Feel free to comment with your suggested name!

I'm doing well, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I am having a little bit of trouble sleeping at night lately and I had a headache for the past three days, but I think it has been determined that it was just dehydration, drinking lots of water seems to help so it's all good!

Surfing the web with his momma... awwwww


The First Week/Month 4

So today wraps up my first week in Lafayette, LA. I've been really busy unpacking and I have a few boxes left hanging around. Some of them, I think, are just not going to get unpacked because I don't have a place to put things. However, I knew that when I packed them but they are things I wanted to make sure I had with me. Kristopher helped set up my desk area so that I can work which is really nice. I promise to take pictures soon so you can all see what it looks like.

The kitchen is all put away, it was the first spot that felt like home since it was "done" so quickly. Everything else is slowly coming together and it feels good. Lucky for me, I get to work from home which is nice. My job made me an offer so that I could continue working remotely. My plan therefore is to just get another part-time job, perhaps an office job to supplement my income. However, I have a little bit of time before I need to get that done.

Today also marks month number four. I'm not sure if it's a good thing to count the months but I can't shake it. It's as if my body knows when the days are coming anyway because yesterday I just got incredibly sad and frustrated and realized it was because it was close to the 21st again. Can't get away from it even if I don't think about it, I suppose it's in my subconscious.

I did go to church today, I was soooo nervous. I wasn't sure if I would like it, if they would be open or welcoming or if it would just be different. Well, let me tell you, Faith Lutheran Church was a very welcoming place. It's traditional in service but contemporary in other respects. There aren't any pews, but instead, rows of red, extremely comfortable chairs. The church has a small congregation about 60-something people but they were friendly. Although very simple, it still felt like a church. I enjoyed service and the sermon although they sing some parts either differently or just faster than Calvary. I have to look it up in the LW Blue Hymnal, good thing I can sight read music. Although they have Blue Hymnals, everything was printed out in the service bulletin.

I still think about Michael every single day. Sleeping at night has proved to be a challenge while I adjust. Not all nights are difficult, just some. I've put up a bunch of my picture frames. I have pictures of Michael and I and Mikey and I on my desk here and pictures of me with Kelly and Josh and of Annemarie on the bookcase. I still have plenty more pictures to go, they are just in the box, I did find Chris and Tara's prom picture so I put that on the shelf too.

The other day it rained here, not a light rain, not a dark thundering rain, just a heavy rain in the middle of the day. I surprisingly enjoyed watching it from the apartment. The raindrops were huge and all you heard was one huge crack of thunder and then it was like the clouds parted and God slowly tipped a bucket of water down. It came down hard, it came down straight, in a sheet but it was the most beautiful thing ever. It felt cleansing and calming, like all my frustration of unpacking was being washed away. Rain doesn't often make me smile but it did that day.


An Awesome Time with Awesome People

Hey Everyone!! I want to say thank you to everyone who came out on Friday night for my Goodbye Party. I had lots of fun (and drinks) and it was a blast. Our bartender for the night, my best friend ever, Kelly, did a wonderful job. Especially since the bar was packed and she was the only one working that night. Even though I don't see you all on a regular basis it's great to know that you all care enough to come say goodbye and good luck. I really do appreciate it.

So I don't know what I had to drink that night as I lost count... but I'm sure it was somewhere around 3 mixed drinks and 4+ shots. Though, according to Moise, based on the types of drinks/shots I had, he said it was just 1 drink and 1 shot but don't listen to him, he can't even play pool. Just kidding! There was that peppermint shot that was really good, a shot of Amaretto, a shot of Tequila, a shot of Malibu and there was one that another person bought me... hmmm, oh and I'm sure there was a shot of Blackhaus... damn. But hey! I actually held me liquor, Frankie would've been so proud of me.

The pool crowd was playing bar pool and I haven't played since July in Lafayette, so that was really fun. Moise decided he wanted to challenge me and try to win a game before I left the state, but once again, he lost. I think that puts us at Mishy 12, Moise 0. To be fair, I had lost on scratching the cue ball but he never calls it a win. Oh well, more for me. Oh and Kelly had orchestrated this thing for people to bring pictures... she put them into this little photo New York skyline photo album. In it she also included a letter that made me cry the next morning but it was all for good memories and because I am going to miss her so so so much. Of course, she beat me to it as I was going to write one to her... lol. Watch out Kelly, that just means mine will make you cry even more LOL.

At church today they had coffee hour dedicated to me to wish me well and say goodbye. It was really sweet and really touching as I have been attending that church since I was 5 years old. I almost cried at the end but put on my sunglasses before walking out the door.

I have three more days of work left at Cambridge Who's Who and I've been trying to pack though I know I will probably leave most of it until the last minute and then pack in a hurry. Okay, well that might not be true but we shall see what happens. I know... so bad. There is just so much stuff and well, I stop and look/read through it all instead of just packing it so that doesn't seem to help me much.

Anyway, time to get some more of it done so I will talk to you later. Oh yes, for those of you who were thinking of me and remembered Aug. 28... thank you. It was such a difficult day for me and there was so much going on. I wish I could say that it went better but really, I was a bit depressed and quite emotional. Anyhow, thank you for thinking of me that day, it's appreciated.


Come Wish Me Well!

So Kelly has confirmed that the festivities will take place at No Limits on Friday night. The details are below, I hope you can make it and have some drinks with me!

No Limits Sports Bar (Kelly's our bartender!)
247 S Broadway, Hicksville, NY
Friday, September 5, 2008
9pm - whenever we leave

Hope to see you there! I will have my camera on premises so be prepared to take some pictures.

On another note, I just got back from my cruise and can we say RELAXING? I don't think I've been able to sleep that well in MONTHS! I definitely needed that and I feel much better since I've gotten away.

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