Birth Verse and a Puppy

So I was overjoyed when I received the Calvary Church Newsletter in the mail today. Call it a coincidence but today I also received a "thank you for worshiping with us" letter from Faith Lutheran Church here in Lafayette today... I think I like them.

Anyway, on the last page of the church newsletter there was this website called Birth Verse where you could go see the verse associated with your birthday. I felt mine was pretty appropriate for the life I live, so I wanted to share it with you all:

Ephesians 5:2 NIV
and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and
gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

You can check out your verse at www.birthverse.com.

On another note, I got a puppy!! It's a male, maltese, he was born on July 24, 2008 so he's about two months old. I haven't named him yet but I know we are going to be good buddies because he's quite attached to me and I to him. He's a little mischievous and has bundles of energy. He loves to run across the linoleum in the kitchen and and then into the office where I have a chair mat down on the carpet. Every time he runs from the kitchen toward the office, he sliiiides on the chair mat, it's very cute and very entertaining.

So why a maltese, because they are supposedly hypo-allergenic. Although, from what I read, there is no true hypo-allergenic dog - it just means they have way less dander than other dogs. So I should be able to tolerate his dead skin flakes better than most dogs and he doesn't shed as much as well. He also keeps my lap fairly warm and is great company so far. I have to look at his traits a little bit more so I can figure out an appropriate name. If you have Facebook, you can check out pictures of him there, but I'll post some here for you too. Feel free to comment with your suggested name!

I'm doing well, thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I am having a little bit of trouble sleeping at night lately and I had a headache for the past three days, but I think it has been determined that it was just dehydration, drinking lots of water seems to help so it's all good!

Surfing the web with his momma... awwwww


  1. So i'm voting snowball... b/c one he looks like a big fluggy snowball and two I know how much u are going to miss all the damn snow up here.... lol : )

  2. He's been named Sushi Monster, the Little Samurai.


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