I Love Lucy

So, if you haven't heard already through my Facebook profile, I've got a kitten. She's a new addition in the home and is very loving, not at all fitting my stereotype of a cat. I still prefer dogs, but this kitten was too sweet to give away.

Here is the story of Lucy.

Phase 1 - go to Alabama for a friend's wedding.
Phase 2 - meet Marianne, have a good time
Phase 3 - back in Louisiana, Okan shows pictures of kitten looking for a home, currently staying with Marianne
Phase 4 - think about it over and over again
Phase 5 - call up Marianne and have the kitten brought over for a meet and greet and playtime with Sushi
Phase 6 - keep kitten for a few days to see how she and Sushi get along and if we can handle another pet
Phase 7 - go to PetSmart to pick up some pet things... where the decision was made to keep the kitten

Final Phase - Her name is Lucy. Until I knew she was staying, she wasn't allowed to have a name.

Lucy, is thought to be a domestic long hair cat. She has calico coloring and it seems, greenish eyes but I'm not sure on that yet. She is currently only 10 to 12 weeks old and really sweet and gentle. She's not as independent or stand-offish as most cats that I've been around. She likes to follow me around and cuddle up next to me. She's obviously very happy because she's constantly purring in contentment.

Marianne found Lucy in the parking lot of her job. Someone decided to drop the kitten in the parking lot even after Marianne told them not to and to at least take her to a shelter. Well, the next day, the kitten was there and she couldn't resist but to take her home. She tried to find her a happy home so that the kitten didn't end up going to Lafayette Animal Aid. So, we gave her a test run with Sushi and voila!

I love Lucy!!!!


  1. Our kitties are also extremely sweet and loving. Georgie even wants belly rubs! What a cute kitten Lucy is!!! Hopefully she won't be as mischievious as Mischief. . . that little cat gets into everything!

  2. Thats great. Glad you decided to keep her. If you hadn't already get the feline leukemia vaccine or get her tested.

    Thats how I lost my Momo. She was only three.


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