Everything Moves Slower in Delhi... and I Like It

So for the past two days, I was four hours North of Lafayette in Delhi, LA. Now, Delhi is a very small town, I mean VERY small, like so small it doesn't have it's own Wal-Mart or Target. However, I did see Sonic and Burger King at least. Anyhow, Delhi is a small town where the accents are heavier and the air is cleaner and people are just sweet as ever.

When I go visit up in Delhi, I really try to just relax. It really makes me appreciate nature up there. Kristopher's grandmother lives in a house with tons of property. They used to have a barn and now there is a man-made lake behind her house. It's gorgeous. The picture to the right was taken just left of the house. This is what you would see out the back window I suppose. I can't get enough of looking out on the water, it's so serene and just is. Nothing bothers it and I just want to run out to that swing with a blanket (it was cold) and stare at the water all day. However, that's not what I did.

Kristopher's grandmother owns a storefront in Delhi where she and her husband used to run an antique shop. Since she is unable to actually run the store, what she does is rent it out to others. So the last lady who was there, skipped town after getting behind in rent and bills and such leaving the store in shamble and needing cleaning. That's where we came in. His grandmother was also so sweet to let me know that anything I found that I wanted, I could have providing we couldn't figure out if it belonged to anyone else. Here is what I found:

Valmont China Royal Wheat Sugar and Creamer set

I couldn't find any information about Valmont China but since most of the stuff I have seems to be from the 50s, I'm going to guess they are too. Anyone know about Valmont Royal Wheat. I do know that there are many pieces I can buy online if I want to extend my collection.

UCAGCO Heirloom cup and saucer set

UCAGCO stands for United China and Glass Company. They were based in New York and New Orleans. How appropriate for me. I knew this set of China was just calling my name for a reason. It was meant to be! So United China and Glass Company became UCAGCO during the 1930s. From what I read, before being known as UCAGCO, the company was known as Abe Meyer & Co and dates back to 1850. In the 30s, they changed their name to UCAGCO, after war the company expanded to Japan and accepted imports from there (some of mine say Japan on the back) and during the early 50s were responsible for many Japanese style patterns that were being sold. I think in the late 50s they were bought by Sammons Enterprises.

My online searches show that there are Heirloom-gold pieces available but hardly any Heirloom-silver (what I have) pieces which makes me wonder if they are rarer or just not well-liked.

UCAGCO Heirloom platter

UCAGCO Heirloom serving bowl

Anchor Hocking Arlington Style 18pc. glass punch bowl, one website I found this on listed it in their 40s, 50s, 60s section, another website said it was circa 1970-80 and the last website I found, only listed a punch cup and said the pattern came about in the 1950s. However, the new logo wasn't created until the 70s and that's the logo on the box I have. So, while the pattern and the item itself may have been produced since the 50s, I think mine was made in the 70s. Hmmmm, not as old as I thought but definitely beautiful! I think all in all, Rubbermaid now owns this company.

So that's it for my antiques. I also got some pins that I'm sending up to New York to my friend, Sarah. I hope she likes them. The jewelry I found originally was much nicer and even I was excited about it, but someone swiped the bag when we left for lunch. I'm really upset about that, I really think Sarah would've liked it.

Oh, and what else do we do for fun in Delhi? Make bonfires of course! There was a pile that needed to be burned for quite some time. We gathered, opened some Bud Light and watched it go. It was pretty awesome and, because it was actually cold in Delhi (like in the high 30s), it kept those watching nice and warm!

It burned long enough for us to watch the sunset and once we were all sure it wasn't going to get out of control, we left for dinner. The next morning, the pile was still going, although it didn't look as magnificent as it does in this picture.

I'll leave you now with a picture of the sunset over the lake in Delhi. This is all on the O'Neal property in Delhi, Louisiana. Isn't it beautiful? I really do like it up there, even if they don't have wireless Internet everywhere.