A Quick Catch-Up of Sorts

Hello everyone. I know I haven't updated in quite some time. Instead of going into paragraphs among paragraphs of what has been going on, here is a quick update instead.

1- I got laid off from my part-time, remote job in New York with Cambridge Who's Who.
So that means I'm job hunting again and while staying right where I am at is ideal, with today's economy and the lack of available jobs, I'm pretty much willing to move for my job. So I've been searching across the South from pretty much New Mexico to Georgia. Sorry my New Yorkers, I won't be returning. Experiencing a world without a snow and shorts in February has pretty much killed any desire of returning to the North.

2-Kristopher's grandmother passed away but his mom is home from the hospital.
So, if you didn't know, his grandmother has been on in-home hospice care for quite some time. On March 10, 2009 she finally passed to be with the Lord. I see this as a blessing as she was in quite some pain and her pain medication just had to be continually increased in order to keep her comfortable. However, I am glad that she was able to stay at home during this trying time as she wished.

3-Did I mention Kristopher's mom is home from the hospital? So, two days before grandmother passed away, his mom was in the hospital for borderline pneumonia and was just released a few days ago. She's doing better but she has to quit smoking. I did several loads of laundry, probably near 10 and cleaned up the house a bit for her while she was in the hospital to make it easier for her when she got home. Boy, was I tired.

4-Five dogs, 1 cat, 2 of us humans.
Not just house sitting, but animal sitting too. It was like a zoo for five days but I really do love all those puppies even though they do get on your nerves for a little bit.
--Keisha, doberman, 6 years old or so, very loving, thinks she is a lap dog, likes to lick your face.
--Sidney, dachshund, 7 years old, has anxiety, likes to curl up under the blanket your using and cuddle, compulsive licker, protective.
--Aimee, dachshund/terrier, daughter of Sidney, needs to be near a human, barks more than others, jumps onto everything, also has anxiety.
--Maggie, dachshund (fat), 12 years old, queen bee, moves slow, curls up somewhere to sleep and doesn't want to move, except, maybe, for food, only dog that will go outside by herself.
--Sushi, maltese, 8 months old, my baby!!!, eats other dogs' food, gets bored easily and barks at --Aimee to play, constantly humps one of Keisha's four legs at any given time.
--Lucy, domestic medium-hair kitten, 5 months old, stuck in the back room because if I let her out, one of the aforementioned dogs (not Sushi) will probably hurt her.

5-Nothing much else going on. As each day passes by I keep thinking how much closer it is to the anniversary of Michael's death and I don't know what to think/feel about that. On one hand, I look back and say - hey, you're alright, everything is okay. On the other hand, I still miss him like crazy and I really can't believe that we are just two months shy of the first anniversary of his death. It's so surreal -- following that, I was supposed to be getting married in August of THIS year. It's outrageous!

Obviously, I'm doing alright despite the above list and God is still watching out for me even though I haven't attended church since I've been down here... except the first weekend. We talk a lot though and it helps.

That's it for tonight, I'm going to bed. It's raining outside here and that usually helps put me to sleep. Good night all, I love you!