No Eggs for Mishy

Another holiday has come around... Easter. Usually such a joyous holiday to remember Christ's sacrifice for us. It's one of my favorite holidays in the church because it's always so bright, so cheerful so joyous and filled with love. Easter services always fill my heart from the inside out. It's quite amazing.

Easter holiday would usually be filled services during the week and of course, egg coloring on the weekend. No matter how old we got, Michael and I loved to color eggs. His mom would make at least 3 dozen eggs and we would dye eggs all night with his brother. Big kids. When Mikey came back to New York, it made the entire egg dying event even more fun! In addition I would get a nice outfit for Mikey and he would come to church too and enjoy the events there.

I know, I moved so maybe the fact that I'm not at the Eckhoff house dying eggs is my fault. I still miss it though. It was just one of those activities that made Michael and I feel young and we weren't embarrassed about our desire to dye eggs for Easter or carve pumpkins for Halloween. It was just one of those things that we did together and enjoyed. Something we had in common I guess. His family also does a big Easter get together which was always fun.

So, no colored eggs for Mishy this year and yes, I'm depressed about it. I haven't been to church since my first weekend in Lafayette. I'm not sure if I just didn't like this church or if I felt just really lonely going by myself. Kristopher said he would go with me tomorrow though and I hope that it brings me the joy in my heart that I usually feel every year instead of reminding me about what was and is not this year.

Christ is Risen! Alleluia!!! I remind myself that because He died for us and rose again that is one of the reasons why I'll be able to meet Michael up in heaven one day again when it's time.

Here is a picture of Easter 2007 with the Eckhoff family. I remember that this year I was the biggest kid at the table (which made the adults happy) LOL.