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So last weekend, Memorial Day weekend, I was in New York for several reasons. The first was a bachelorette party, the second was to visit Michael for his first anniversary in heaven and the third, was for a wedding. What a hectic weekend. NY always seems to be hectic when I visit no matter how long or short the visit actually is.

First the bachelorette party. I flew in JFK on Saturday and was supposed to land around 2:00pm and then be in NYC by around 6pm. Well turns out that the Memorial Day airshow (which happens every year at Jones Beach) tied up airspace around JFK and I landed half an hour late. Not bad, except that the beach traffic was horrendous so by the time I got home it was near 4:00pm already! (It should only take 30 minutes to get home). My sister and I got all ready and then went to pick up Carolyn who was also coming to dinner with us but leaving before the rest of the festivities. So by the time we made it to NYC it was almost 7:30pm. Bachelorette party games ensued which involved pinning wacky uh... "fire hoses" to a half-naked fireman. (No, not a real one, just a poster.) Sarah opened up all her racy gifts and we all giggled.

We then went to eat dinner at Pranna which was a bit pricey and the food a bit well different but tasty none the less. After a little chatting in the lounge we headed to Ultra on 26th street where we danced the rest of the evening away and got pictures of Sarah with some sailors! (heeeelllo, fleet week!!!) By the time I got home at 2am, I was wiped. I sat in a very hot bath and finished the book I had started on the plane. Of course, that means I didn't finally fall asleep until 5am. Oops.

Sunday was cemetery and visiting day. Around 1pm Laura and I went with Frankie and Kelly to visit Michael's grave at the cemetery. Most of the time there we recounted memories and dreams and gripes and just laughed. Afterward we headed to see Mike's parents who live nearby. We chatted with Mike's mom and grandmother for a while and then his brother, Matt showed up. Then, two of Mike's good friends, Harris and Nathan pulled up as well, so we stayed a little longer. Then Mike's dad came home from work and by this time, it was a full out mini reunion. I got all the updates on Mike's family (please pray for his great uncle Al) and endured what I thought was going to be never ending flack for not living in New York. I'm sorry, I actually like the South and I'm not coming back to New York. I've been here almost a year so the jokes?... they're starting to get a little old. Get over it and let me be content please.

After that it started raining so Laura, Frankie, Kelly and I went out for dinner at Olive Garden. That was sooooo yummy. Louisiana has LOTS of AMAZING food but I can't find Italian like I used to have it in New York so that filled a spot for me. Again, I ended up staying up late until 4am because I was upset and feeling bothered. One night I'm happy go-lucky, the next I'm down in the pits and upset. At that point I just wanted to get back to Louisiana. However, I had one very important matter to attend to first.

Monday, the day Sarah and Brian tied the knot! (finally) Sarah and Brian's wedding was amazing. It was at Windows on the Lake in Lake Ronkonkoma and they could not have asked for better weather. I even got some sunburn to prove it! The entire ceremony was perfect (it had Sarah written all over it) and the reception and music too. Sarah's hair, dress and makeup complimented each other perfectly. She truly looked beautiful and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I was sitting at a table with her family so at first I was nervous that I was going to be bored or say something stupid, but they are HILARIOUS!!! Such easy people to get along with and by the end of the evening I realized that I really enjoyed myself and even went to attempt and catch the bouquet. (Her sister caught it by the way).

As soon as the wedding was over, I went home and within the hour left for my flight back home. See, the flight was much cheaper the day of the wedding so I grabbed it. The pilot must've floored it (or the equivalent of doing so) because we arrived about 40 minutes early. Very nice.

There's other news floating around that I can't share yet but there is something special that I would like to share with whoever reads this. I've been dating for quite some time again now and at first I wasn't sure if I wanted to make that public. I'm not sure what people will think of me dating again so soon after Michael has passed away. This past weekend however, I witnessed how happy Sarah and Brian were and earlier today, I learned of some more good news. I realized that I want to be able to share that too and openly speak about my special someone. I also realized that just because I am in the process of moving on doesn't mean that I'm forgetting. Besides, I know that Michael would want me to be happy right?

So here is a short rundown. His name is Kristopher and he lives here in Lafayette, LA. He's a wonderful man with a spunky 10 year old daughter coincidentally named Michelle. He knows about Michael and has been my biggest supporter so far. He has helped me realize my feelings and constantly gives me a reality check when I need one. It seems that we get along really well; Kristopher and I seems to have more similarities that work well together.

If you have happy comments send them my way, otherwise please keep any negativity to yourself. I'm over negatives and am only looking for positives in my life. That plus faith in God's will keeps me going. I'm not through it all yet but I'm certainly making my way the best I can. <3

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