It's Your Day and I Love You

Today is Kristopher's birthday! This year he turns 32 but don't let that fool you, he's still young in heart. It's one of the reasons why I love him so much. Notice I said one; there are many more...

I dedicate this post to the one person that has been able to keep me standing whenever I felt like I am falling into a bottomless pit.

I love Kristopher because...
... he takes out the garbage on Mondays.
... he holds me when I'm cold.
... he is very supportive with all that I do.
... he doesn't mind doing most of the driving.
... he likes to watch me play video games.
... he watches movies he's not very interested in with me.
... he always compliments my cooking.
... he holds me when I cry.
... he loves our pets as much as I do.
... he is a biology geek.
... he doesn't mind explaining things I do not understand to me.
... he always holds my hand or arm in his when we walk.
... he doesn't expect me to cook every night.
... he still opens my car door.
... he makes cheesy and geeky jokes that I get.
... he gets my geeky and cheesy jokes.
... he listens to my worries and then reassures me there is nothing to worry about.
... he loves cheese.
... he picks me up when I fall down.
... he will wash the laundry if I fold it.
... he knows how to load a dishwasher!
... he notices the little things.
... he let's me put Pepsi in the fridge next to his Dr. Pepper.
... he listens to everything I have to say about Michael.
... he understands that family is very important to me.
... most of all, he loves me as much as I love him.

Happy Birthday Kristopher. I love you.



Last year was a blur, time went by so fast...
Every day it seemed that yesterday you passed away
This year is crawling
It seems you've been gone for so much longer
Every day seems like a week
Every week a month...
I still have bad days
They don't come as often
but they seem to
last longer
hurt more
If time could move faster...
I'd ask it to fast forward through the pain
and slow down during laughter, smiles...
Good times and good memories of you of me

Rambling... wondering... waiting


Welcome to 2010

So it's the new year, Happy 2010!

I wonder where the new year will take me. Will I be happier? Will I have as many high and low points in my year as I did this year? The first seven months of 2010 I already have major things planned - weddings, family gatherings, etc. It seems so overwhelming I almost want 2010 to just stop in it's tracks.

The depressing moments are coming fewer and fewer. However, when they come to hit hard and they last longer than usual. I'm able to recognize them now though and just know they will pass. I also dream more lately... interesting. The sleep problem still exists. I don't get a set amount of sleep every week or night. Some weeks I sleep well, other weeks not enough.

I got a ton of scrapbooking supplies from my mom for Christmas. I can't wait until I get to use them. Also becoming very useful from Christmas is my new Flip video recorder from my uncle. It's so simple to use and you just plug it into your computer's USB port and voila! Uploaded video! Simple fantastic. The other highlight of my holiday besides being able to see my family was seeing Mikey Jr. I'm not going to go into detail but I was so happy to see him!

Oh 2010... I hope this year is stable and starts an upwards trend in my life to get healthier, more organized and continually back on track. I hope to maintain good connections and friendships and sever bad ones that hold me back. I hope to keep my blog updated more often and make sure to keep in contact with all of my family members. Most of all, I hope to get back into attending church regularly.

So many resolutions and goals... plenty of time to procrastinate. Sigh. Hopefully that won't happen - can I make a resolution to keep my resolutions?

By the way... speaking of keeping in touch - if you have the correct information you can find me on:

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