Relaxing in Las Vegas

So Kristopher and I just got back from a long weekend in Las Vegas/Henderson, NV. Too bad we also came back with colds but hopefully we get over it soon. The main point of our trip was to visit my mom and see the new house now that it's finished and mostly furnished.

Let me tell you, the house is amazing. I had a goal to use all 7 toilets but I only manged to use 5 while I was there. I know I know, try harder. I really don't want to brag about it too much but mom and dad deserve every single inch of that luxurious dream house. They've worked hard all these years to provide for their family and treat us to vacations and other things that they couldn't experience as kids. They deserve this for all their hard work!

We also did a little bit of sight seeing during our visit. I took Kristopher to the Hoover Dam which he thought was awesome. They are in the middle of building a bridge across the dam which should be done in the summer. Maybe on our next visit there it will be done and we can drive across it. We saw one show during our stay, The Fab Four Live. They are an awesome Beatles' tribute band and I definitely enjoyed the show. We also caught two freebie shows on the strip - The Sirens of TI and the Mirage Volcano.

The other big thing we did was EAT. My mom spoils us so much with food. We went to The Palm, Joe's Seafood at Caesar's Palace and a Sushi buffet at Planet Hollywood. We had dessert every single night. It was crazy. So much for that bridesmaid's dress fitting in April. Juuuust kidding Laura.
However, this vacation was not all work and no play. We built a lamp, rebuilt the dining room table, moved the coffee table into the living room and Kristopher got the wireless networks working the way Dad wanted them setup.

As a reward, we ate, we relaxed in hot tubs and slept in wonderful king-sized beds. Yes, our hard work was definitely appreciated. It was so good to feel appreciated for what we had done while we were there. Some people don't realize how important that is but obviously, my mom does. Thanks Mom.

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