My Birthday So Far

So my birthday so far is going well. All the gifts I bought for myself from Amazon are slowly rolling in. I love spoiling myself once a year. Among the gifts are some pilots and yoga videos to help me with my new fitness routine (or so I hope it becomes a routine).

Today two of my favorite gifts so far arrived; my 3G iPad and a Crepe Myrtle Bonsai tree. I had pre-ordered the iPad a while ago as a gift from me to me so that wasn't really a big surprise although I was still excited that it FINALLY arrived. The bonsai was from a friend who lives in WA and most certainly did not need to send me a gift but he did anyway. It totally made my day. I hope I don't kill the bonsai but I am really excited to take care of it!

I've been wearing my engagement ring from Michael on my right hand the past few days. I really miss him, especially during my birthday because even though he couldn't afford to spoil me with material things; he always made my birthday special. I will never forget those years of pre- and post-birthdays; birthday songs right at midnight; cupcakes with candles in them and perfect birthday cards that always included a personal message letting me know exactly how much he loved and appreciated me.

On Sunday I am going out to dinner with my friends at Outback. I also learned that Bryan, our friend from Houston, is coming to visit and will be here for my birthday. I can't wait until he gets here!

Anyhow, that's the update for now. I'll be sure to let you all know how the rest of my birthday goes.

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