May Flowers?

May used to be such a happy month for me. My birthday is in May, Mother's Day is in May and who doesn't like Memorial Day weekend? It's that time of year when it gets warm and flowers start blooming. Babies are born and life just seems to be created all around you. It's always been one of my favorite months and not just because of my birthday.

I hope to one day feel this way about the month of May again but for now, all it brings is pain. A reminder that someone that I love so dearly is no longer on this Earth and missed by not just me but tons of friends, family members, co-workers and of course, his son. I try to think positive; it's usually all I ever do but when May comes around it's so hard to find that comfort.

I know he is happy in the Lord's kingdom up in heaven and I have to make sure that I never forget that while I may hurt emotionally, he is free from physical pain and that it was God's will to take him at such a young age. I have to trust that it was meant to happen this way but admittedly it is hard. How can you just say it's okay with that empty feeling inside? Even though I smile and laugh and find comfort in Kristopher's love and understanding, how do you make the overall pain just go away? Kristopher says if it didn't hurt so much then something would be wrong and because it hurts so much, it means that I really love Michael and Michael loves me.

Thank you for all your support and well wishes. One day, flowers will bloom for me again in May.

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So I turned 27 yesterday! Yes I'm getting older but there is definitely nothing wrong with that. I started out my day eating BBQ at Dwight's for lunch with Kristopher. It's our favorite place to eat on Sundays. Of course, I wish I had made it to church. My cell phone alarm went off at 9am as planned and I promptly tapped "snooze" at 9am... not realizing my phone was on vibrate and I set it back down on my bed. Guess that Tempurpedic mattress really doesn't transfer movement...

After lunch Bret arrived with my birthday scone (blueberry) which I put aside because I was still full from lunch. Shortly thereafter, our friend Bryan arrived from Houston! We all hung around, looked at Bryan's shotgun and just hung out until it was time for dinner at Outback.

Dinner was delicious and entertaining. Kristopher bonded with the Randolph's little one and didn't want to be put down when Kristopher needed to use the bathroom. It was really cute. (Pictures to be added later.)

After dinner we had cake courtesy of Marty. It was a cookie monster cake - very blue! She also brought me a balloon which Lucy had a great time playing with. I received some great gifts which I appreciate very much. I really do have some great friends down here and I feel so blessed to have met them!

I leave you with this video of Lucy to sum up my birthday.