So I turned 27 yesterday! Yes I'm getting older but there is definitely nothing wrong with that. I started out my day eating BBQ at Dwight's for lunch with Kristopher. It's our favorite place to eat on Sundays. Of course, I wish I had made it to church. My cell phone alarm went off at 9am as planned and I promptly tapped "snooze" at 9am... not realizing my phone was on vibrate and I set it back down on my bed. Guess that Tempurpedic mattress really doesn't transfer movement...

After lunch Bret arrived with my birthday scone (blueberry) which I put aside because I was still full from lunch. Shortly thereafter, our friend Bryan arrived from Houston! We all hung around, looked at Bryan's shotgun and just hung out until it was time for dinner at Outback.

Dinner was delicious and entertaining. Kristopher bonded with the Randolph's little one and didn't want to be put down when Kristopher needed to use the bathroom. It was really cute. (Pictures to be added later.)

After dinner we had cake courtesy of Marty. It was a cookie monster cake - very blue! She also brought me a balloon which Lucy had a great time playing with. I received some great gifts which I appreciate very much. I really do have some great friends down here and I feel so blessed to have met them!

I leave you with this video of Lucy to sum up my birthday.

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