New York Food

One of the best things about coming up to New York is being able to satisfy all my New York food cravings. Now there is nothing wrong with the food down South, it's just a different selection of food so I can't help but miss my favorites.

Pizza - I don't care who you are or what you say but NY pizza and pizza from the South are two entirely different things. They say it's all in the water and any pizza shop outside of New York that makes pizza that tastes like it's from New York; ships the water. True story! I promise!

Chinese Food - Canton City Inn is fabulous but it does not come anywhere close to Fortune Wheel and there is not one Chinese restaurant in Lafayette that serves dim sum. I've been going to Fortune Wheel for as long as I can remember living in New york and it is still delicious 20 years later. Some of my favorites include salt and pepper fried squid, salt baked crab, squab (yes that's pigeon; get over it), roast duck, shark fin soup and several types of noodles. Dim sum foods that I love are shrimp in a blanket, fried dough in a blanket, shrimp ANYTHING... who am I kidding, it's all delicious.

Garden Gourmet - Deli in Garden City. They serve all types of sandwiches, wraps, buffet items, pasta salads, etc. but what I really miss is the salad bar. You get your choice of greens (4 different types available), a main selection (usually your meats), and then 4 additional selections which include all your different cheeses, fruits, tortilla strips, eggs, bacon, vegetables... all tossed with your selection of dressing - and there are at least 10 different kinds to choose from. It is so delicious! I also made sure to stop by DC3 and get some tri-color pasta salad (tri-color pasta, fresh mozzarella cheese cubes and peppers coated in pesto).

Family Cooking - of course nothing beats some home-made food. Dad has cooked linguine with clams, home made Caesar salad, barbecued chicken and ribs, salmon, king crab legs, sweet corn, egg noodles with meatballs, and linguine with sausage and peppers. We've also been treated to baked ziti at my cousin Travis' house and some stir fried noodles at my Uncle Marty's house.

We've also had sangria, pineapples, strawberries and flying saucers from Carvel for dessert along with all the food from the wedding and plenty of red wine!


A Wedding to Remember!

Wow, where do I start? First of all, Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Peter Sohl!!!! I wish my sister, Laura, and my brother-in-law, Peter all the happiness in the world as they start their new married life together!

Kristopher and I arrived in NY after a two-day drive on Wednesday (21st). The drive was relatively easy with minimal traffic and lucky for me Kristopher did all the driving. I did offer to drive but he never accepted which was fine with me. However, let it be clear that I did not make him drive the entire way to New York.

So Thursday was prep day - Kristopher got a much-needed hair cut with Dean at my old salon - Curl Up & Dye. I was so relieved to get my clean-cut looking Kristopher back! It was also great catching up with Dean again; apparently I really missed my hairdresser. After that we headed back to my parent's house and then the women left for Fantastic Spa for manicures and pedicures. It was nice to get out with just my mom and my sister. Dinner followed afterward at Fortune Wheel where we met up with Lars and Anna (dad's colleagues from Sweden).

Friday was relatively easy despite some last minute worries about Laura's Maid of Honor. It was rehearsal day which didn't start until 6:45pm. Laura had a mini freak-out because some of the bridal party were late but all in all the rehearsal was relaxing. My cousin Travis, who officiated the ceremony, really did a great job of making the rehearsal fun and serious at the same time. The entire time during the rehearsal though I was texting with Laura's MoH, Betty. Betty had missed her plane and was going through hell getting the next flight out. Everything under the sun was trying to prevent her from making it to her BFF's wedding! Mechanical problems, tornado watch, thunderstorms... you name it. Well Betty did make it to the wedding. She arrived in NY at 4am and didn't bother sleeping before coming to the house on Saturday morning ready for hair and make up. She was an amazing support and did not once complain about being tired on my sister's big day. Laura is so lucky to have her as a friend.

Saturday - there is not much to say. Everything went wonderfully and beautifully. Everyone looked amazing, the bride looked gorgeous. The groom teared up watching his bride walked down the aisle, the church was PACKED, Travis did a great job with the ceremony and the reception was tons of fun. Dancing, tons of food, great live band... it would take me forever to give you all the details. I was up for practically 24 hours by the time I went to bed at 4pm. The fun, of course, didn't end there... we went to Fortune Wheel the next day for dim sum at 11:00am.

My only complaint - it was the hottest day of the week and the few hours we were out in the sun taking pictures was enough to make me sweat out 10 lbs. (Well I wished it were that easy but it felt like it.) It was so hot I didn't even drink alcohol that day. Water, water, water, two glasses of champagne for toasting and then back to more water.

What a wonderful weekend!


Potato Scrapbook Time!

So on Monday we had two special guests for dinner - our friend Chris and Potato! Potato's parents went to see the newest Twilight movie along with Chris' Mrs. Anyway, we had fajitas and watching Potato eat a plain tortilla really made me laugh. He loved it. We also played music and watched Potato dance which was very entertaining. By the way, he also finds Kristopher to be hilarious. If there was anything Kristopher was good at that evening it was making Potato laugh over and over again. After dinner, we decided to get out of our house because it was so hot and head over to Chris' nicely air conditioned place to hang out for a while until the other adults got back.

I loved the idea of being able to spend more quality time with the little guy and grabbed some scrapbooking pages and my new tote on the way out the door. Although the little man admittedly did not seem very interested in my arts & crafts time; he did paste a few pieces down on the page and move a few pieces that were already pasted down. He had more fun rearranging my scrapbooking tote than he did making the page. It was pretty cute. He took out all the markers and then would put them all away. Then he'd move on to all the fancy scissors - take them all out and put them all away. I didn't even have to worry about him uncapping the markers and wreaking havoc on the coffee table or obsess that he might cut himself with the scissors - he just wasn't interested.

Anyhow, I don't have a picture of the page we made - but I made sure his momma took one for me!

The rest of the night I was trying to get Potato to say, "Aunt Mishy" and I think I got him to say it once. It was more like "At Mmmshy" but at least I could tell he was trying to copy what I was saying. There is hope yet! He's already got, "I love you," down pat so we just have to add the Aunt Mishy part and we are good to go!


Michael's + Hobby Lobby + Scrapbooking on the Brain = $$$

As you can tell from the title, I spent some money this past weekend at the craft stores buying scrapbooking supplies. I went to Hobby Lobby with my two ladies to find some frames to fit the pages they made on Friday (see Margaritas & Scrapbooking).

Well they didn't see any frames and refrained from spending lots of time in the scrapbook aisles and only bought a cute pink and brown tote to hold some of my supplies. Well for some reason, even though I had planned to go home, I went over to Michael's. Big mistake.

An hour later I walked out of the store with enough materials to overflow my new tote and then some. Oops! I am working on a few special projects that I hope I can finish soon! I really need to find an area where I can keep my scrapbooking materials out so that when I feel like scrapbooking I don't have to haul everything to the kitchen table from the living room. In my house there will definitely have to be a dedicated scrapbooking or craft area!


Margaritas & Scrapbooking

So, the other day one of my girlfriends was having a pretty bad, bummed out day. In an effort to make her feel better her friends and I decided to hang out with her after work to cheer her up. I figured something creative would do the trick and packed up two boxes of scrapbooking supplies to take over to her house.

Well, when I got to her house I found out that we were going to another friend's house out in Duson so that we could have some margaritas to unwind. I definitely did not mind! Well, let me tell you what; the margaritas were amazingly delicious. They were made with fresh strawberries and mango - I promise, really really yummy stuff here that did the trick. After enjoying some time outdoors with our 'ritas we went inside and started scrapbooking.

Here's the results of our little scrapbooking session. (I didn't make all of these, just the one with the pink background.)

I wish I got to scrapbook more often!


Godmother Mishy... Round 2!

Wait, didn't I already post about becoming a Godmother just a few weeks go? Yes, and now I'm doing it again! I'm pleased to announce the birth of my Godson:

Jayden John
July 9, 2010, 5:22pm
Weight: 7lbs. 6oz.
Length: 20in.

I'm so happy that Kelly asked me to be Jayden's Godmother. I honestly did not think she would ask me with all the friends and family she has. It's truly an honor and the day she told me (yes, she didn't ask me, she told me), I cried. Kelly and I go way back... way way back... I've known her since Kindergarten! Back in NY, we only lived 7 blocks from each other and have always stayed friends. I would say we became the closest in high school as she and I would hang out all the time.

Kelly was another person I did not want to leave behind when I left New York. Who else would I be able to call at 11pm at night to just go for a ride? Who else would even come up with the idea to see how many different diners we can eat at on Long Island in one summer? What other friend could I drive around with for two hours and not really have to say a word to -- and it be okay? Oh and most importantly, who else would understand that sleeping in on non-work, non-school days was essential unless it involved going to the beach? No one else really.

Congratulations to my other best friend - Kelly and to Jerrod too; he is the daddy after all! I love you both and I can't wait to meet this bundle of joy in a few weeks.

God has truly blessed me now with two wonderful, adorable Godchildren and two girlfriends who I know will always be there for me no matter where we live!


W(h)ining and Dining

Back in May, my friend Kayla, invited me and some other friends over to her house for dinner. She (with the assistance of Sammy) made lasagna for dinner, I brought the wine (Cheateau Ste. Michelle Cabernet Sauvignon) and there was a delicious cookie cake. It was a great time and Kristopher and I didn't get back home until 1am (which is late for us considering we hardly go out for long periods of time)! The best part about this was that it got me out from moping around the house on the 2nd anniversary of Michael's passing. I seriously thought I was going to go there and just be miserable the entire time because I was so down. I was wrong. I had a great time, at one point I felt guilty for it because I felt like I should have been sad - it was, after all, the anniversary of one of the saddest days of my life. I then realized, that this is what Michael would've wanted me to do. To remember him but, at the same time, go on having a good time and enjoying life to the best of my ability.

I had hung out with the girls before but that night was different. We sat around and had girl time, we cooed over Kayla's little boy and I didn't freak out because Kristopher was still in the next room over talking with the guys. Plus it's great to be able to sit there and bitch about whatever you want for a night without having to worry about hurting anyone's feelings.

That night, Supper Club was born! So once a month someone else cooks dinner for the same group. June was my month and once again we had a fabulous time. I cooked pork and shrimp fried rice, Sammy brought the wine and "juice," Kayla let me use her kitchen and her house since it has more seating room and Nicole brought the most delicious Oreo cake for dessert.

Oh check out this video from our last supper club of Clayton with Uncle Kristopher.

I can't wait until next month! Sammy's up next!


iSkin Vu for iPad - Sleek, Pretty and Useful

I might not have written about it but a few months ago I bought an iPad for myself. Every year I buy one expensive thing that I really want for my birthday since I tend not to spend too much on materialistic things the rest of the year.

Of course, you can't just buy and iPad - you need accessories and, if you know me well enough by now, you know that some sort of protective cover is definitely at the top of the list. Enter the iSkin Vu. This skin wasn't available when the iPad was first released. I had to wait until July for it. That's almost two entire my months! Well, I have to say, it's worth the wait. I have ordered from iSkin before for my iPhone 3G and it has worked remarkably at keeping my phone from getting damaged. So I knew that iSkin was the kind of protection I wanted for my iPad.

I ordered the iSkin Vu in my favorite color -  purple (or as they call it, Vive). It's looks beautiful! Not a fan of purple? The iSkin Vu also comes in black, pink, aqua blue, dark blue, red and orange.
As you can see in the pictures, the iSkin completely covers the back of my iPad without covering up the Apple logo, provides full coverage for the sides, and leaves only the screen uncovered on the front. The colored areas are made of a "durable rubberized plastic" that protects the iPad from shocks, bumps and scratches. The clear part is made of a "hard plastic" to provide premium protection without covering up the design. All buttons and ports are also covered. In addition the clear section on the bottom snaps on and off to allowing you to dock the iPad. Since I don't use a dock I never remove this part.

Are there any negatives? Well for one, I'm not a fan of the headphone jack and the orientation lock being covered by little plastic flaps. It's really a pain to try and lift these pieces of plastic up to use them. I have to use my nails so I can only imagine how inconvenient it is for guys or people with bigger fingers to use. I think I plan to cut these flaps off in the near future. The second issue is that the "hatch" that allows the iPad to dock doesn't quite fit right. It may be because the iSkin Vu provides such a tight fit around the iPad it's hard to slide that piece into place perfectly. While the rubberized plastic parts help with gripping the iPad, the hard plastic back does not. So far this hasn't been a problem for me... yet.

All in all I would definitely buy this again and I look forward to seeing what cases they put out for the new iPhone 4s. As a side note I've dropped mine 4 times already (it's perfectly fine) and so I think I need to get one as soon as I can! Now that I've reviewed the iSkin Vu, I suppose I owe some posts to reviewing the iPad itself and perhaps my iPhone 4. Stay tuned!


Strawberry Margaritas on the 4th of July

We had some great weather for the 4th of July! The sun was scorching hot and the humidity was just bearable. Kristopher and I met up with a large group of friends at Chili's for lunch and then headed over to the pool. Kayla, Sammy and I suntanned while the boys hung out in the pool with the Tater. It was just humid enough to warrant few dips in the pool every so often which Kayla's little man loved because every time we were in the pool he got extra love and attention. It was so cute watching him try to swim and kicking his feet. It was even cuter watching Uncle Kristopher hold him while he kicked and moved his arms swimming. He's such a dad.

Here's a video of Clayton swimming with his daddy.

Of course, hanging out poolside with the girls wouldn't be complete without some drinks. I stopped at the drive thru daiquiri and picked up a gallon of strawberry margarita. It was quite delicious!

However I think the highlights of my day consisted of two things:

1- Hearing Clayton say, "Hello Mishy, I love you."
2- Actually managing to get a good tan without burning.

Yes, it's the little things in life.


Happy Independence Day

The 4th of July

Fun in the Sun

All these things can be associated with the 4th of July. However, let's not forget Freedom and those who fight for our country every day.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July and remember to keep those who fight for our country every day in your thoughts. They aren't enjoying BBQs, they aren't relaxing and I would hardly call what they are doing "fun in the sun."

-Proud to be an American

Waiting for Jayden John

I've already told you about Rylee Nicole, but what I didn't mention was that I'm now waiting for Jayden John to get here. I had mentioned that Annemarie was one of my best friends right? Well the other is Kelly. I have known Kelly since kindergarten. We attended the same schools from elementary through high school. In addition she lived only 7 blocks away from me when I lived in New York. Giving up seeing my best friend whenever I wanted was the one of the hardest things I had to do when I moved to Louisiana. Kelly and I have never had an argument. Sure, we may have been upset at one another at times but we've never had a full blown out argument. We also know that just because we don't talk every day doesn't mean we can't depend on each other when we really need it. It has always been said that Kelly has been my bad influence (making sure I had fun) while I've always been her good influence (making sure she didn't get in too much trouble).

I've realized there's a lot more that I'm missing being so far away from my best friend; like the birth of her first child. Knowing her for so long this is something I imagined I would be there for. Maybe not literally but certainly within hours of Jayden John's birth I should be at the hospital taking pictures and loving on that little boy. Instead, I'll be here in Louisiana and probably getting a phone call like I did for Rylee Nicole. So I will wait... patieantly. Thankfully I will be in New York for my sister's wedding on July 24th so I know I will get to see Jayden John during his first month of life anyway.

All in all, I can't wait. Aunt Mishy is waiting for you Jayden and already loves you!


Blog Designer Mishy

Well, as you can see, I've updated my blog design. I hope you like it! My friend Kayla has asked me to do a lot of design for her blog (and Potato Makes Three!) She found a lot of the different design elements that she wanted to use on ShabbyBlogs.com but had no idea how to implement them or tweak them to her liking. Once I did some work on her blog I couldn't stop myself and would continually keep going back to add a little of this and that to her blog. When Kayla's sis-in-law, Claire started blogging ( The Smith Crew), Kayla asked me if I could add some pictures to her header. Of course I couldn't turn down the opportunity. I hope she likes it!

After doing all that I work I figured that perhaps I should update the design on my blog as well. I'm nowhere near done with it but hopefully I'll get it looking as awesome as Kayla's blog soon!

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