Blog Designer Mishy

Well, as you can see, I've updated my blog design. I hope you like it! My friend Kayla has asked me to do a lot of design for her blog (and Potato Makes Three!) She found a lot of the different design elements that she wanted to use on ShabbyBlogs.com but had no idea how to implement them or tweak them to her liking. Once I did some work on her blog I couldn't stop myself and would continually keep going back to add a little of this and that to her blog. When Kayla's sis-in-law, Claire started blogging ( The Smith Crew), Kayla asked me if I could add some pictures to her header. Of course I couldn't turn down the opportunity. I hope she likes it!

After doing all that I work I figured that perhaps I should update the design on my blog as well. I'm nowhere near done with it but hopefully I'll get it looking as awesome as Kayla's blog soon!

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  1. You blog looks incredible and Claire agrees! you rock girl!


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