Margaritas & Scrapbooking

So, the other day one of my girlfriends was having a pretty bad, bummed out day. In an effort to make her feel better her friends and I decided to hang out with her after work to cheer her up. I figured something creative would do the trick and packed up two boxes of scrapbooking supplies to take over to her house.

Well, when I got to her house I found out that we were going to another friend's house out in Duson so that we could have some margaritas to unwind. I definitely did not mind! Well, let me tell you what; the margaritas were amazingly delicious. They were made with fresh strawberries and mango - I promise, really really yummy stuff here that did the trick. After enjoying some time outdoors with our 'ritas we went inside and started scrapbooking.

Here's the results of our little scrapbooking session. (I didn't make all of these, just the one with the pink background.)

I wish I got to scrapbook more often!

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  1. Makes me cry! I am so lucky to have friends like you. I really hope that I can move past this rough patch in my life.


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