New York Food

One of the best things about coming up to New York is being able to satisfy all my New York food cravings. Now there is nothing wrong with the food down South, it's just a different selection of food so I can't help but miss my favorites.

Pizza - I don't care who you are or what you say but NY pizza and pizza from the South are two entirely different things. They say it's all in the water and any pizza shop outside of New York that makes pizza that tastes like it's from New York; ships the water. True story! I promise!

Chinese Food - Canton City Inn is fabulous but it does not come anywhere close to Fortune Wheel and there is not one Chinese restaurant in Lafayette that serves dim sum. I've been going to Fortune Wheel for as long as I can remember living in New york and it is still delicious 20 years later. Some of my favorites include salt and pepper fried squid, salt baked crab, squab (yes that's pigeon; get over it), roast duck, shark fin soup and several types of noodles. Dim sum foods that I love are shrimp in a blanket, fried dough in a blanket, shrimp ANYTHING... who am I kidding, it's all delicious.

Garden Gourmet - Deli in Garden City. They serve all types of sandwiches, wraps, buffet items, pasta salads, etc. but what I really miss is the salad bar. You get your choice of greens (4 different types available), a main selection (usually your meats), and then 4 additional selections which include all your different cheeses, fruits, tortilla strips, eggs, bacon, vegetables... all tossed with your selection of dressing - and there are at least 10 different kinds to choose from. It is so delicious! I also made sure to stop by DC3 and get some tri-color pasta salad (tri-color pasta, fresh mozzarella cheese cubes and peppers coated in pesto).

Family Cooking - of course nothing beats some home-made food. Dad has cooked linguine with clams, home made Caesar salad, barbecued chicken and ribs, salmon, king crab legs, sweet corn, egg noodles with meatballs, and linguine with sausage and peppers. We've also been treated to baked ziti at my cousin Travis' house and some stir fried noodles at my Uncle Marty's house.

We've also had sangria, pineapples, strawberries and flying saucers from Carvel for dessert along with all the food from the wedding and plenty of red wine!

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  1. I think i just gained 15 lbs by reading this! lol!


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