Potato Scrapbook Time!

So on Monday we had two special guests for dinner - our friend Chris and Potato! Potato's parents went to see the newest Twilight movie along with Chris' Mrs. Anyway, we had fajitas and watching Potato eat a plain tortilla really made me laugh. He loved it. We also played music and watched Potato dance which was very entertaining. By the way, he also finds Kristopher to be hilarious. If there was anything Kristopher was good at that evening it was making Potato laugh over and over again. After dinner, we decided to get out of our house because it was so hot and head over to Chris' nicely air conditioned place to hang out for a while until the other adults got back.

I loved the idea of being able to spend more quality time with the little guy and grabbed some scrapbooking pages and my new tote on the way out the door. Although the little man admittedly did not seem very interested in my arts & crafts time; he did paste a few pieces down on the page and move a few pieces that were already pasted down. He had more fun rearranging my scrapbooking tote than he did making the page. It was pretty cute. He took out all the markers and then would put them all away. Then he'd move on to all the fancy scissors - take them all out and put them all away. I didn't even have to worry about him uncapping the markers and wreaking havoc on the coffee table or obsess that he might cut himself with the scissors - he just wasn't interested.

Anyhow, I don't have a picture of the page we made - but I made sure his momma took one for me!

The rest of the night I was trying to get Potato to say, "Aunt Mishy" and I think I got him to say it once. It was more like "At Mmmshy" but at least I could tell he was trying to copy what I was saying. There is hope yet! He's already got, "I love you," down pat so we just have to add the Aunt Mishy part and we are good to go!

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