Strawberry Margaritas on the 4th of July

We had some great weather for the 4th of July! The sun was scorching hot and the humidity was just bearable. Kristopher and I met up with a large group of friends at Chili's for lunch and then headed over to the pool. Kayla, Sammy and I suntanned while the boys hung out in the pool with the Tater. It was just humid enough to warrant few dips in the pool every so often which Kayla's little man loved because every time we were in the pool he got extra love and attention. It was so cute watching him try to swim and kicking his feet. It was even cuter watching Uncle Kristopher hold him while he kicked and moved his arms swimming. He's such a dad.

Here's a video of Clayton swimming with his daddy.

Of course, hanging out poolside with the girls wouldn't be complete without some drinks. I stopped at the drive thru daiquiri and picked up a gallon of strawberry margarita. It was quite delicious!

However I think the highlights of my day consisted of two things:

1- Hearing Clayton say, "Hello Mishy, I love you."
2- Actually managing to get a good tan without burning.

Yes, it's the little things in life.

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