A Weekend in Seattle

Recently, Kristopher and I spent a long weekend in a city near Seattle visiting a long-time friend. This was the first time we've ever met he and his wife although we've played games with him online for nearly 6 years! Well, let me tell you, we had a great time.

It was so nice to get away from the weekend and away from responsibilities and obligations. This was a true getaway, doing something we wanted to do. No birthday parties to attend, no wedding, no family function, just getting out and visiting friends.

Of course our hosts spoiled us (not that we didn't enjoy it) and I enjoyed making friends with their three cats. Ozy, Dante and Miyu are wonderful cats. They are quite friendly and each have their own personality. Of course, it made me miss my Lucy-cat while we were gone but that's okay.

Perhaps the best treat was the trip up Mt. Rainier. Even though it was overcast, we were able to see some amazing views. The weather was also nice and cool and I wasn't too sure I wanted to return to Louisiana after that with all the heat and humidity.

If we ever go back, I definitely want to do the typical Seattle tourist stuff like the Space Needle and the market. I guess that just gives us more than one reason to visit the Seattle area again! Here are some pictures from our visit.

Waiting to eat breakfast!

Waterfall at Mt. Rainier

Kristopher and I at Mt. Rainier

Wildflowers at Paradise, Mt. Rainier


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