Lafayette is Out to Get Me

I'm convinced, someone in Lafayette seriously doesn't like me. Someone or something... let's rewind a little bit shall we?

One year ago, September 2009 - We go out to Abbeville for dinner and on the way home, driving around 40mph down Johnston Street (or whatever it's called in between Lafayette and Abbeville), a very suicidal and big raccoon decided it was going to dart across the street at the last moment. Needless to say, the raccoon didn't make it, it didn't have insurance and my bumper and left fog light and some other things up there got busted. Damage cost around $2000 with me paying $500 and Farm Bureau picking up about $1500.

Four months ago, May 2010 - We leave the house one afternoon to drive Kristopher's cousin to the airport. We decide to take my car which is parked out front by the mailbox on the grass. Well, we get to the car and what do you know... the entire driver's side is scraped from the back door up to the quarter-panel. Oh... and I'm missing a mirror. Fantastic. Okay well I was in the car this time... but gee that's a lot of damage for a car that was not even moving. Did I mention that there wasn't a note left behind? Damage around $3500 with me paying $500 again and Farm Bureau picking up about $3000.

Four WEEKS ago, September 3, 2010 - I left for work from my house just before 2pm. I stopped at the stop sign at the end of the block as always. There was another car approaching the stop sign from the right but I stopped already, I was first, I continued on thinking they were going to stop. Well he hit the passenger side of my car. Pretty hard. I banged my head on the side of the car. Everyone was okay for the most part and luckily Kristopher was driving behind me so I wasn't alone. The insurance companies still have no idea who's fault it is. (I blame him, he was driving with an expired license and pictures show it looks like he clearly hit me.) Damage this time? $4500, $500 more from me and $4000 more from Farm Bureau.

This last time is special though, I started getting neck pains and upper back aches - more painful than my usual tension from work. I finally made an appointment with Pinhook Chiropractic. Three days before my appointment, my lower back just gave up on me. I was in so much pain. I'm talking about, can't walk pain. I'm talking about, can't stand up on my own pain. I'm talking about, needing Kristopher to literally lift me up and help me back to bed pain.

Thankfully the chiropractic treatments are working and I'm covered up to $5,000 through my auto insurance company. I have to go for an adjustment 3 times a week for 12 weeks and ice my back when the pain is too much.

I'm hoping that this is the last time we will have to go through this with Marilyn. Plus, I've really got to calm my nerves while driving now.

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