2011 is Here!

I really want to remember to blog more. I really am going to try in 2011 to do that. For now, here's a quick recap of my Christmas holiday.

Friend's Christmas - our friends the Randolph's hosted a little Christmas get together a few weeks before Christmas. We had a great time hanging out with everyone, eating food, drinking wine and of course, opening gifts. Sammy and Kayla got me a pretty awesome scrapbooking rolling tote organizer that I wanted. I think I did very well with gifts this year. Everyone seemed to be simply ecstatic with what I got them. It makes me feel good to see that joy and know that I am THAT good at finding the right gift for each person.

New York Christmas - it is always great to see my family. After some last-minute wrapping we jumped right into the festivities. Again we ate... a lot. We opened up presents, we laughed, we talked, there is no other way to describe what my family does when we get together than to just say - we have a great time. Christmas with both side of my family was just awesome. I received some wonderful gifts but I have to say the best gift of all was learning that Baby Yee will be arriving in July. That's right, we're starting on the next generation! My cousin Travis and his wife let everyone know on Christmas that they are expecting! I admit, I cried. I'm a huge sap.

Visiting Friends - I stopped to visit my best friend Annemarie's mom first. I have not seen her in over two years and it was great to sit down and catch up with her and finally introduce her to Kristopher. Next was to visit Kelly and my super-adorable-way-too-cute-for-words Godson, Jayden. We talked for HOURS. It was great. There is no better feeling than knowing that despite distance and lack of conversation, a true friendship always just picks up where it left off without skipping a beat. That's what it is like when I get together with Kelly. It's like I never left. Did I mention how cute Jayden is? He's getting so big! I love my munchkin.

Visiting Mikey - Of course I had to make a very special stop to visit Mikey Jr. As always my visit was a surprise. Seeing him grow just melts my heart. He is getting tall, he is losing baby teeth and adult teeth are all coming in - he has the cutest smile right now because of it. He's also starting to get too heavy to lift in the air every time I see him but that certainly won't stop be from trying. We talked a bit and then played some Wii Mario Kart (pretty nifty). Eventually I had to leave but I'm so glad that I got to see him again. Oh for the record he doesn't like Science and Music at school! He's such a chatterbox. I love him, I never stopped, it's a blessing to be able to still be a part of his life.

Lafayette Christmas - we were delayed in New York due to a snow storm and there was much shoveling that needed to be done but we eventually made it back to Lafayette and did Christmas with Kristopher's mom. She knitted me this amazing blue shrug cardigan. I love it. The yarn is also super soft yet very very warm. She also got me a purple craft bag. She has one and I always thought it was very nifty so she bought me one! I love it! Kristopher got some pants that he's been needing and some car mats for Layla. It was a perfect compliment since our buddy Blake had gotten him the trunk mat.

Oh and my sentimental part of the month? December 28th. Three years ago on that date, one of the most wonderful men I've ever had the pleasure of loving, proposed to me in Las Vegas. I still miss him dearly.