Google+ for Mishy

So I've finally gotten invited to use Google+ (as if I need another social network to spend my time on) and I have to say it's nice. Now as we all know I'm a pretty avid (read: addicted) Facebook user so I'm not sure if Google+ will be able to change that or not. I think the advantage that Google+ has over Facebook is that it's had time to see Facebook screw up.

Anyhow, I now have all my Circles set up with all my little groups of friends that I can share with. It's very similar to having friend lists on Facebook if you use them. You can control the visibility of everything on your profile or that you post. Facebook lets you do this too but Google+ seems to be easier to figure out. It's nice that Google+ has privacy options built-in from the get-go so it's not all or nothing and separate tabs for profile info, posts, pictures, videos, +1's and Buzz items. It's pretty interesting. However, there's not many people to be social with right now since they are "throttling" their invites to avoid masses of people joining at once. I understand the reasoning but it makes it somewhat boring at times.

I'm also writing this blog post in Blogger Drafts which gives me a preview of what the updated Blogger will look like. It pretty matches the look and feel of Google+ and the new GMail. Minimal, clean, a little boring. Even so, I like it.

What would I like to see? Google Reader integration with Google+. Right now I have the Reader items that I share or like showing up in my Google Buzz feed and then those show up in the Buzz tab on my Google+ profile. I'd like an option though to +1 something from Reader or something that let's me post a link to said item from Reader to Google+ in the posts section. I'm sure it's all coming but that's just my thought. Also since Photos pulls from Picasa, I was expecting to be able to pull Videos from my YouTube account - not so, or I missed the option.

What are your thoughts so far?

Also, maybe it's just the journalism major in me, but seeing the terms: +1'ed, +1'ing is somewhat hitting a nerve. Anyone else or am I just weird?

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