The Beginning of Wedding Planning

Well, I have been engaged for not even a week yet and have immersed myself in wedding planning in addition to getting our house all put back together in one piece. Talk about stressful!

Here are the details we have hashed out so far:

Date: May 5, 2012 (may change due to venue/church availability)
Location: Houston, TX in either the Downtown or Uptown/Galleria area
Ceremony: At a nearby LCMS Lutheran church (depends on availability and venue selected)
Time: probably an afternoon ceremony and evening reception
Color Palette: Dark purple or plum, gray, black, white, silver accents
Bridesmaid Dresses: not floor length! (too hot for that craziness)
Groomsmen Tuxes: we may dare to have them in gray tuxes but have not decided yet
Music: Live band

So far, just from online research (thanks to my mom and my sister), the Downtown Aquarium, Magnolia Hotel and JW Marriott all look promising. I'm hoping one of those works out, so far they are my top 3 picks. Mom and I (and hopefully Kristopher is available as well) will be scoping out these places in September. I'm nervous and really excited at the same time. I have no idea what my reaction will be when I actually step into that reception location for the first time and realize that I am planning another wedding... and what happened to the first one. I've been excited while mixed with a bunch of emotions over the little planning I've done so far.

My sister has jumped right into helping out. Last weekend she went and tried on bridesmaid dresses already. She went to 3 stores! She was texting me pictures and I was still sleeping. What an amazing, helpful and great person to have helping you out! We found a few winners and definitely some losers (an Asian should never try on yellow; you just don't put yellow on yellow)! So we gathered a list of designers and style #s and my best friend in NY, Kelly is going to go out on the bridesmaid dress search next. She has the list two locations that I know carry the lines of dresses we are looking at.

So now that I've got CT & NY covered, I suppose I will need to do some dress hunting in Lafayette as well. I've ordered special invitations for our bridal party that I hope will be a huge hit. It's quite a big party but we know not everyone might be able to commit due to finances and less than 8 months notice. It's okay, as long as they know that we were considering them for our special day.

Due to the short(er) engagement period, we're also going to forego the engagement party. We see it really as a chance for both sides of the family to do a meet and greet but everyone is so spread out, I'm afraid Kristopher would just be meeting my family all over again by himself! Ha!

I've got plenty of details in my head and spreadsheets and bookmarks are being utilized to the fullest already. This will be an interesting next 8 months for sure!

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