Final Wrist Update

Final? Why, do you ask, is this the final update?

Simply because it's healed! It's finally healed! The only issue is that it lacks a little bit of the flexibility I had before and some strength but with some daily stretching and some exercises, I'm sure I can get that back into shape in no time!

I saw a hand specialist named Robby LeBlanc here in Lafayette. He works out of one of the Lourdes Regional Medical Center office buildings. We talked about my options and decided on another round of cortisone. He made sure he dug around with that needle in my wrist and put the cortisone in all the right spots. It was slightly painful (I was numbed before he started) but totally worth it. After the shots it took about 3 or 4 days before everything really loosened up and the pain went away. I was so happy I could cry! Especially since we were starting to do a lot of work on the house and I needed my wrist to get better. It took about another week before all the bruising from having a needle digging around in my wrist went away but it was totally worth it. If you ever have any sort of hand issues, this doctor is the doctor to see!

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