House Update

Wow, sorry I haven't updated on the house lately! Kristopher and I have been really busy prepping it for our move and we have been quite exhausted the last few weeks. Me especially since I've been working on the house until 11-11:30pm at night in addition to my normal work day. We closed on the house on July 21st and I immediately started to get to work.

We had four rooms total to repaint. When I say "we" I really mean "I" since Kristopher is not a good taper, painter and the paint fumes give him severe headaches. I however, seemed to be immune to it all. So we took his mom's room from aqua to "winsome lilac", her bathroom from hot pink/purple to "lead-cast" gray, and her 2nd room from light pink to "stony path" which is a light gray with the slightest hint of green. They all turned out beautifully, except for the fact that the last homeowner was pretty messy with her painting and you can see a slight line of the old color peeking through near the molding in each room. Painting the molding was not on my list and so, we'll have to deal with it for now. I also repainted the upstairs room (our office and my craft area) which was purple, to "rolling sea" blue.  
Side note: Valspar's Hi-Def paint, the one with the primer and color in one, is FANTASTIC. I only did one coat for each room and then just touched up areas that were showing through. 
I didn't paint the ceilings so on some of the lower parts of the ceiling, you can still tell it used to be a playroom for two little girls. It's somewhat bright, but since the space was small I didn't want to make it too dark. So far that's the room to hang out in. Probably because it gets so cold.

Now, we were going to try and move this weekend, the 13th but, it turns out the movers aren't available to start packing until next Monday, pushing the earliest moving date to Wednesday of next week. Then I would leave for New York (to see the sweet, adorable Hannah be baptized), that weekend. I don't think I want to leave the house, even if it's only for 3 days in such disarray. So, I think we will wait until I come back and maybe move some little things every day until then. At least, that will make the actual cost of hiring packers and movers a little cheaper. I was really excited to possibly sleep in my new home this weekend. We shall see, Kristopher and I are still discussing it.

In addition to painting we have...
  • replaced all the locks with Schlage locks which work so much better than the previously installed locks
  • removed the mantle and cut it in half with hopes of getting it back up soon
  • set up our cool Z-Wave deadbolt lock and thermostat (we can now control these devices form the Internet. Yes, we are geeks and we love it).
  • cleaned the house from top to bottom with the help of my wonderful friends Kayla and Sammy
  •  mounted the TV and some of the speakers with the help of our friends Scott and Blake
  • had LUS Fiber installed! (yay for Internet!)
but we still need to...
  • run all the network cable (some will be saved for winter)
  • run all the entertainment center wiring
  • fix a small hole in the front door
  • replace the weather stripping on the front & back doors (help?)
  • get the tile cleaned and re-sealed (Tuesday)
  • have LUS TV installed (Tuesday)
  • take care of any exterior work (most will probably wait until winter unless severe)
  • MOVE!
I'm so excited! I can't wait until it's all done so we can have a wonderful get together with our friends in our new house. A bunch of my family is already planning on coming down for Thanksgiving!!! Thank you to everyone who has helped us so far; we really really really appreciate it. Look out for more exciting news coming soon! It involves something sparkly.

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  1. I am so freakin excited for you. You simply glow!


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