Less Boxes, More Furniture & a May Wedding

Well, we are certainly making progress with the move-in process. Thanks to my dear friend Sammy we've organized and unpacked many boxes but we still have plenty more to take care of. However, we take it slow and only open boxes when we feel like it. Some days we open boxes on days we don't plan on it and sometimes we don't open anything for almost a week. Thankfully the boxes can now fit in two rooms - the dining room and the guest room. The living room is almost empty and put away and most of the other rooms just have a few things here and there. It's starting to look really good. So... less boxes, now, onto more furniture.

My living room sectional finally came in. It's gorgeous and super comfortable and leather. It's amazing, has three reclining seats and a pull out bed. I'm in love with it. Worth every cent. I'm pretty sure our guests will love it too. It's nice to have seating again that hasn't been totally overtaken by our pets. In addition, Kristopher and I also got out desks in for our office. It's awesome. Once everything gets put away properly it should serve to be a very functional space for the both of us. He plans to use his mostly for his work and gaming and I use mine for my computing and crafts. I haven't added any other furniture, we had enough from the last house.

A May wedding! Last weekend, Kristopher and I went to Houston, TX with my mom to get some of the major wedding details hammered out. We've picked a venue, a church, solidified dates and put down deposits. This is really happening! Since then I've been scoping out live bands, sending out "Will you be My..." invites to our bridal party and even trying on some wedding dresses. I can't wait until May 12, 2012. I just hope my stress level can stay at a normal level until then. I know, highly unlikely, but a girl can dream, can't she?

Next thing coming up? Thanksgiving! My mom, sister and possibly aunt and grandparents are going to come down. That's my deadline for getting the house in order. Hopefully Kristopher gets to work on our entertainment center so there aren't any wires hanging out everywhere when they see the house for the first time.