Make way for 2012!

Looking Back on 2011
  • My Godson was baptized!
  • I was offered a full-time position at my job.
  • My cousins Travis & Phyllis started the next generation with baby Hannah!
  • I bought a house.
  • I got engaged to a wonderful man <3
  • I repaired an old relationship <3
  • I strengthened new relationships :D
Looking Forward to 2012
  • My bridal shower!
  • I'm getting married!
  • Our friends Frank & Katrina are getting married!
  • Our friends Jon & Melissa are getting married!
  • We might start trying for a baby after the wedding :) Will we make the cut off for a dragon baby? (cue suspense)
My goals are always the same, to strive to be the best person I can be regardless of how others treat me - to be true to myself and not change who I am based on the actions of others. To continue to be that person who loves to take care of others whether it be humans or my pets and yet still remember to take time for myself and do the things that I enjoy. This is the person who I was, the person I lost for a few years and the person I'm slowly getting back to being. God's blessings, love and peace to everyone today, tomorrow, next year and always.