My Pets

Sushi "the Samurai" Monster is my wonderful, loving Maltese. He is such a joy to have around even if he barks a little more than he should. He enjoys playing with his sisters, Kaesha and Lucy and is always wanting to play with everyone he meets. He may be little but don't let that fool you, he has a huge heart and will do anything for me despite his small size. Add Sushi on Dogbook
Kaesha is our big dog. She is a Doberman who is so loyal and faithful. She thinks she is a puppy most of time and loves to attempt to sit in your lamp or lay her head on you to get scratched at any cost. Even though some may find her annoying for always being nearby, Kaesha is really just there to support you and make sure you stay out of harms way.
Lucy is a calico cat that was given to us after being found in a parking lot. She is the only cat that I am not allergic too, does not make a big fuss over taking baths and loves to play with Sushi. When she's not playing with her brother she likes to chase bugs inside the house or, if she is lucky enough to sneak out the door, chase lizards outside the house. She is very loving and sweet in private but puts on a tough front when in front of all the other pets. Add Lucy on Catbook
Community Fish
My 10-gallon fish tank is filled with platys, zebra danio, a pleco, salt and pepper cory cats, x-ray tetras, some other assorted tetras and two pictus catfish. I love watching them just swim around, chase each other and enjoy their life in the tank. Some might think that looking at fish swim around is boring but I find it relaxing.

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